martedì 24 gennaio 2017

CORPO SENSIBILE - Glimpses of the Documentary Curated by Marco Bertozzi | ARTEFIERA 2017 | MAMbo Bologna | 26>29.01.2017

Curated by Marco Bertozzi

Corpo Sensibile examines the confines between video art and documentary cinema - a porous boundary where the seemingly real becomes mingled with film cuts, tears and strip slips to produce original impressions and glimpses that cast into question the apparently realistic image. The works by young authors probe this mysterious relationship. Snippets of found footage, poems written in light, visual snatches that come close to an aesthetic experience push the boundaries to the edge of aesthetic experience where reality must be constantly re-invented and documentary cinema becomes the contrary of paradigmatic certainty. Corpo sensibile also aims to reconstruct a common generational arena. The artists involved all operate in an international dimension. Experience of residencies and collaborative periods has provided an impetus leading them to develop a hybrid poetic and contemporary art language. As a result, they are equally at home at film festivals or in the more classical exhibition and distribution channels of contemporary art.

There will be eight meetings – two a day – in which each artist will present some of his work in a conversation with Marco Bertozzi on the theme of the boundary - and if it exists - between the documentary film and contemporary art. Another discussion point will be around the film as performance, whose creative dimension involves the author’s physical person, diverse other media as well as his life experience – a range of poetic gestures with which the artist lays himself bare.

From January 26 to 29, the rooms of the MAMbo Permanent Collection will host the project Corpo sensibile. Barlumi del documentario, curated by Marco Bertozzi, features eight presentations made of screenings and talks in order to investigate new forms between of video art and documentary cinema. An intriguing issue explored by a group of young Italian authors who reflect on the notion of film as performance, a place where the appearance of reality made of autobiographical rifting and skidding leading to the production of original views, likely to question the realistic appearance of images. The artists invited are Milo Adami, Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, Luca Ferri, Riccardo Giacconi, Chiara Malta, Caterina Erika Shanta, Cosimo Terlizzi, Danilo Torre.

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