lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

NEW WORLD | NOW&AFTER'18 International Video Art Festival | ARTPLAY Design Center 7>16.02.2018


The theme is AUTONOMOUS REALITY, 18 +

The eighth edition of the Now&After International Video Art Festival will be held at the ARTPLAY Design Center from 7 to 16 February 2018.   

Reality is an intuitively understood component of our life. It is a philosophical category, a scientific constant, and something that everyone can define in his own way. Reality refers to everything that arises in time and then disappears, and usually its existence does not need any proof. Autonomy implies independence and acting according to the own internal motives, and it acquires special significance in the era of globalization.   

We suggest artists to go in search of an autonomous reality, the one that is not controlled from the outside and develops according to its own laws, independent and self-sufficient, self-governing and detached. Where will the artists find it?

In a system of scientific knowledge of the world or in a phantom area of illusions and dreams? In digital world, tempting us with virtual reality or in a memory universe, hidden from strangers? In all-absorbing Internet or in self-oriented world of political environment? In family, large and small or in self-centered social groups and self-developing subcultures?

Now&After'18 is organized by  Media Art Center Now&After
Now&After'18 co-organizer – the Design Center Artplay
Festival Director and Curator – Marina Fomenko